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These Experts Care About Your Fitness. Connect with Them Today

To understand and live by the phrase “health is wealth” is to cater to one’s health knowing that without health, you cannot have physical and material wealth. Enter Fitness. Fitness has a lot to do well one’s physical well being as well as the ability to adequately perform daily activities. Being fit is not only about being slim and curvy. It also has a lot to do with what we eat, when we eat it and even our state of mind. Some of the benefits of being fit include a better quality of life, younger looking skin, sickness prevention and most importantly stress control. The adverse effects of being unfit include gaining weight, having an increased chance of having diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

Diet and exercise alone may not completely bring you to a level of fitness that agrees with your health. Talking to your doctor and also getting a professional fitness instructor might help you get on track sooner than later. Everyone’s body differs and so does our budget. So here are some fitness studios and fitness professionals here in the U.S that can help you reach your fitness goals in no time. They all have something unique to offer so check them out today.

Sweat DC: Located in the nation’s capital, they are a fitness studio whose workout routine is inclusive and challenging. Sweat DC is all about empowerment from the inside out. They are well known for their 45 minute HIIT training and strength offerings. Their classes are designed to make one sweat thoroughly and exert your body.

JTW Fit: This is not just a fitness studio but a community. Owned by two black Harlem natives, JTW Fit is on a mission to make fitness affordable for everyone around them.

E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness: If you’ve ever come cross their Instagram page, you know that their boot camp classes are always great. Most people don’t tend to crave rigorous workouts but an EFFECT Fitness workout will leave you craving for more.

Push Universal Training: Push U Training was founded in August 2016 by 3 black men trying to make a difference in Philadelphia. Push U Training came together with a vision to become a staple in the community for health and fitness. They provide their clients with a variety of training styles to suit their fitness level and make them feel comfortable while doing it.

Fitness Destinations: A personal training studio where they not only help people lose pounds but they also help people feel better as well. They help you challenge and channel not just your physical self but your mental and emotional energy.

Next Level Fitness PT: They focus particularly on fitness, nutrition and mental health. At Next Level Fitness, the aim is to get you moving and also to ensure you have fun, get results, and enjoy the process while doing it. They also offer nutritional coaching and teach you how to read food labels.


Did we miss your favorite fitness expert? Mention them below.


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