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Kamoky Holiday Gift Guide : 16 Unique Holiday Gifts from Afro Businesses to You!

We’ve put together a list of products that would make a great gifts for just about everyone on your list, including that one person who’s adamant they don’t want something and that one person who seems to have it all. These products were handpicked by our editors at Kamoky, which means we really really love them and think you will as well. The best part is you get to support local Afro businesses. Awesome right? Please note that all prices are accurate as of the date of this publication and that this is listed in no particular order. Have fun Christmas shopping this season!
  1. The Raytec Audio headset is that functional gift you get for someone you think highly of. But be careful that the person doesn’t use the gift to ignore you at your next get together. This water-resistant and sweat-proof headset is ideal for hands free activities like exercising, phone calls and tuning the world (you) out! It ranks highly among other popular Airpods. Add it to your wishlist. $69.99
  2. A SignedbyB Holiday Wine Glass is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone because we all need a drink for the 2020 we’ve had. We need a drink for making it to Christmas 2020 and we need to drink to a better 2021 ahead. With unique calligraphy designs applied with permanent glossy vinyl, this wine glass is brilliant and can be personalized for a very thoughtful gift experience. Add it to your wishlist $4.99
  3. Step into 2021 with great skin brought to you by Lizhan Beauty. The Lizhan Skin Kit is a complete set of facial products that will leave you with radiant skin and improve the overall appearance of your very own skin. The set includes a face mask, face scrub, fresh tea face mist, face moisturizer and CC serum. What are you waiting for?  Add it to your wish list $125
  4. Speaking of exercising, these very attractive, high quality Tiki Clothing Company Wave Runner Sneakers are perfect. They not only look good, but they are super comfortable and affordable. From gym workouts to morning power commutes to the office, the TIKI WaveRunner boost will keep you in tip top shape. The lightweight mesh athletic shoe (8.7-11.1oz) is loaded with lots of features to keep you well protected and well supported. Add it to your wish list. Price: $60
  5. Editor’s Pick: Hair today! Gone tomorrow. Or something like that. We all need hair. Especially since winter is a little rough around the edges. Pun intended. HairMagic Serum is the perfect gift for any man, woman, child or even pet that is experiencing a little hair thinning or loss. Follow the instructions of the manufacturers to the letter and watch hair come back alive in places you never imagined. Shake well before use. Add it to your wishlist. $40
  6. Handmade and skin nourishing, sea salt bath soaks and soaps are all available at Rustic Glory Soap Co. Every bar is cold-pressed, cut and finished by hand in small batches with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, kaolin clay and coconut milk. Add them to your wish list. $8.50 and up.
  7. Black Pepper Paperie Co, a D.C. based mix-media art + design studio offers one of a kind statement jewelry pieces made from clay and paper art. The Sadie No. 3 Necklace is a great gift for anyone who loves art and culture. Like other pieces at the BPPCO, these ancestral modern pieces are rooted in memory and cultural influences from across the African diaspora. Add it to your wishlist Price: $72
  8. Let’s face it, ashiness is upon us this winter season. No matter where you are in the world, as temperatures drop, the more susceptible you become to cracks in your skin. The Baked Glam Beauty Whipped Body Butter and Body Scrub Combo Pack is giving you back your skin, with one touch at a time. Start your home spa experience with the BGB body scrub and end with the BGB whipped body butter. Say goodbye to dry skin. Plus their products smell sooo good 🙂 Add it to your wishlist.$26.99
  9. We all have that one nephew or son who spends way too much time watching television and their amazon kindle. This was the year you were planning to take them back to Nigeria to learn their roots so they can stop being so apathetic about everything un-technology related. COVID-19 ruined all travel plans but they can still have Christmas in Lagos because Sharon Abimbola Salu has made it happen in 43 pages. “A delightful and charming story celebrating Christmas in Lagos, this picture book explores the sights and sounds of Lagos at Christmas through the eyes and words of a little Nigerian girl writing a Christmas journal.” Add it to your wishlist From $9.99
  10. It has side pockets! Need we say more? The Diarrablu Sustainable Pino Jumpsuit is available right now but we can’t promise that it will be available tomorrow. This beautiful, show stopping jumpsuit is part of the new DALL Collection. Handcrafted by local artisans in Dakar, Senegal the fit can be adjusted for any body type with a detachable sash belt. Add it to your wishlist. $215
  11. Maryland Pick! Back to the topic of skin, nothing says I love you more than the gift of a premiere facial! Dr. Ife. Rodney and her trusted team of aestheticians in Fulton, Maryland offer a wide range of cosmetic and dermatological services. Not sure which type of facial to give or get? Their team is standing by and is just one call away. Add a consultation to your wish list. $100+
  12. What’s the holiday season without perfect candles that fill the air and melt your heart with every drip of wax? A Dash of Luxe Cashmere Cuddles Candle is the snuggle and chill scent you’ve been searching for this season. With hints of vanilla, cocoa butter, jasmine and light musk, be careful not to give this to just anyone, lest you fall into some cuddle temptation. Add it to your wish list $20
  13. Okan Oghara Handmade Slippers are perfect holiday gifts because they can be worn by both men and women. Can’t find your own shoes and need to make a grocery run? Wear bae’s slippers. They are handmade from recycled tires, sturdy and super stylish. Add it to your wish list. $44.40
  14. Every year you say you’ll stop eating rice and find an alternative way to get your grains in. Well here’s your chance. The Fonio Cookbook: An Ancient Grain Discovered by Chef Pierre Thiam is your chance to stick to something for more than just one day. “In this landmark cookbook, chef Pierre Thiam, a native of Senegal, celebrates fonio, an ancient ‘miracle grain’ of his childhood that he believes could change the world.” Add it to your wishlist $22.05
  15. “Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end.” Montfleur Duvin Wine is a celebration of the Abner Montfleury’s grandmother who passed away in 2019. A Baltimore local, he spent years making evocative, high quality, fine wines. Gift a lucky person the Yvonne, an aromatic white wine made with Gewürztraminer grapes. “This wine is crisp and has a pleasant aroma. Very good. A must have!” Add it to your wish list $23.99
  16. The Silver and Riley Milan Crossbody Bag is the IT bag you didn’t know you needed. Made in Italy, the bag is handcrafted with natural and unique leather that lets you put your best look forward on any occasion. The Maroon color and functional compartments are enviable and will make you the talk of any and all gatherings. Add to your wish list $365

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