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I Can Do This Same Exact Thing Myself, Except Better!

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and do not necessarily represent Kamoky or the representatives of this organization.

You don’t go into a burger joint and say, I can make this type of burger myself. So why do people go to eat at African restaurants and say things like, ‘my jollof is way better than this.” Or “this injera would have been way better if it was done this way.” Why not just stay at home and make it yourself in the first place?

This happens in every industry out there (beauty, hospitality etc) but I was talking to an African restaurant owner this past weekend and he expressed frustration at the lack of support shown by his fellow colleagues and community. He said that out of every 3 people who come into his restaurant, 2 of them have some kind of comment about being able to make something better. I immediately stopped because I’ve said the same thing before too at least once or twice and if I’m being honest, it’s because the food fell short of expectations on those occasions. But as I continued to frequent this place, I realized that this particular taste was their own identity. That was what made the place different from my cooking and all other restaurants as well.

Are we looking for better or we are looking for our own product?

As customers, we expect quality products and services wherever we go, especially if we are spending our own money. But where do we draw a line between constructive criticism and envious commentary? ‘He’s balling and I know I can do the same exact thing if I had the opportunity!’ that’s what our haterific minds scream most times we enter an establishment. ‘I can do that,’ our envious minds shout.

On the flip side, if its constructive criticism, then how are you going about it? There are lots of places to leave a review for an owner, including here at Kamoky.com. Most businesses have their own issues. Some food establishments will also downright serve you expired, under cooked and mediocre food and expect you to keep mum about it. That will not be me sir! If I go to a restaurant and the food quality is sub par, I have two options, or maybe three if I’m super gangsta (gangstas don’t say super do they?). Option one, leave and never come back. Option two, say something about that specific item and offer kind and detailed criticism. I say kind because we live in an age of social media where the easiest things to do it to escalate to social media rants. But to help a business grow and really learn from its mistake, we have to put a little more detail into our thoughts because believe it or not, some people just don’t know they are offering bad service or sub par products. Option 3 of course is to flip over a chair and cause a scene…a little too much, right? You might get arrested lol.. makes no sense. Especially if it was indeed just a burger!

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think we are too hard on businesses unique to our own communities? Why do you think some people say things like, ‘I can do this better?’ Are you guilty of this too? If you’re a business owner, please share your thoughts. How does it make you feel to hear these things?

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