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How to Ensure Your Business Comes Back Stronger Post Covid-19

Business revival

When the covid crisis happened, it shocked many of us. Some of us are still shocked that this is happening and others are planning for their future. It’s completely fine if you are doing one or the other because we are all literally figuring this out together. But when this is over, you are going to need to move forward and your business is going to come back bigger and better than ever. How? Here’s how we see it.

Stay positive and take care of your now.

This covid-19 crisis put countries and establishments in total confusion with businesses, families and livelihoods being affected left and right. We are all figuring things out and trying to reshuffle and unfortunately, there’s a limit to how much reshuffling we can do with so many unknowns still out there. Dr. Fauci doesn’t know it all and neither will you. So the best thing to do right now is to remain positive and take care of what you can, which is your health and your thoughts. Stay positive and take care of what you do know. Now is all we have and for now it is all we need.

Keep engaging with your customers

You didn’t lose customers when this pandemic happened. They just couldn’t come to you for the most part. What’s most exciting is that your customers are thinking of you as much as you are thinking of them. By day 10, people were already tired of staying home and were wondering when they could come and frequent their favorite shops, hairdressers and restaurants for longer than a takeout grab bag would allow. Stay in touch with them via social media, email, texts, whatever. Just don’t stop engaging with your customers. Don’t be obnoxious with the incessant junk emails and spam texts but be intentional about all your engagements. Out of sight is out of mind so don’t stop posting and saying your daily hellos on social media. This way, your customers don’t forget about you and your business will be one of their first stops once this pandemic is over.

Plan for reopening or a fresh new opening

This whole crisis will pass. We don’t have an exact date but it will pass and you will need to get ready. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when your business is allowed to fully open and accept customers? Oh you don’t know? Then you need to start planning. Be thoughtful and reasonable about what you can and will do. Remember you are just coming out of a tough couple of weeks or months and even if you have extra cheddar or stimulus money to roll out the fanfare and red carpets, a simple text to all your customers that you’re open may be all you need. If you didn’t even get the chance to launch your business because this covid crisis happened in the midst of it all, here is your chance to come out and make a statement and show that you have launched your business with the safety and value of your customers fully in mind. Plan Plan Plan.

Take things one day at a time and make decisions one day at a time

Once things start to normalize, you will discover that things are not the way you left them pre-covid 19 crisis. Your business is not the same anymore. Your environment is not the same and your customers have also changed because of this crisis. It’s like moving to another country for a few years and coming back hoping to continue a friendship that was neglected. Things won’t flow and you have to slowly work your way back to a great relationship. Take it one day at a time. Don’t panic when you see that the flow of traffic to your business is not the same way it used to be. Don’t react and go out a do a whole re-brand effort based on temporary observations. Instead, take in one day at a time and adjust with the trends. Introduce new creative ways to provide service in a 6 ft and over society and just make your decisions one day at a time. We are in this together. As cliché as it sounds. We are all going through the same challenges, business owner or not.

Plan for another emergency

Your business is up and running again and things are steady. You might even come out of this all super okay and ready for new ventures. Before you go any further, stop! Have you planned for another emergency? God no! We don’t need any more covid-19s or wars or whatever else is negative and displeasing. Yes, we don’t need it, but we don’t have any control over these things. You can only plan ahead. If another covid-19 comes for example, you have just passed through the assessment and came out with at least a passing score of 70% because here you are flourishing and moving forward. Use that first covid-19 experience to put together a contingency plan in case any such thing should happen again. Put together a booklet if need be and let it be something your staff and all necessary personnel are aware of. Even if it says that they will lose their jobs if something like this happens again, at least they’ll know that that’s what coming and they can plan ahead as well. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. That’s Hakeem from Coming to America, or Churchill. Either way, don’t let another global emergency bring you to your knees again. Get ahead of it and plan for every single possible emergency.

Remember your why

Finally. This also ties back to the first point of staying positive. No one is going to encourage you if you don’t encourage yourself. You were strong, motivated and unyielding before the pandemic. Let that still be you after the pandemic. Don’t let yourself be bogged down with what you are seeing around you. Other businesses shutting down? Loosing funds? You can still do it! Remember why you started your business in the first place and keep moving. You will make it!


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