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Fancy AF – The Podcast Series We Can All Relate to

“Girl, you look so good, someone ought to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit.” This is Reverend Brown’s lines from Coming to America. It’s a feel good line and that’s exactly how I felt after listening to the first two episodes of Fancy AF. An alluring, yet friendly voice, almost exclusively made for the radio introduces you to Fancy AF in episode one as we meet Tay, the voice/author behind it all. She is a twenty-something year old Nigerian woman who tells us how she got the name Fancy and what this podcast is all about. You are immediately drawn to the familiar tales of being raised in a Nigerian home with strict parents who don’t allow you to participate in any extra curricular activities at school because everything is satanic and you will be drawn into a cult no matter what and be sold to the devil! The author is real, relatable and reminiscent. Listen now.

Fancy AF is a podcast by a millennial Nigerian American woman where we discuss hot topics such as love, relationship and spirituality all while giving a little advice! The name comes from the host’s business TizzleYourFancyEvents. Everyone deserves to feel a little fancy! Listen weekly and join this ride.

All questions about Fancy AF can be directed to to TizzleYourFancyEvents@gmail.com or you can reach her on Instagram @Taytizzle!

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