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8. D.C Restaurants Serving up Authentic African Dishes

Keren Restaurant

Food has the ability to bring strangers together and as the African proverb says, a united family eats from the same plate. We may not be uniting and eating from each other’s plates these days because of COVID-19, but here are 8 D.C. based restaurants that offer awesome, authentic African dishes. Take it to go cus we D.C Chillin! -at home.

1) Keren Restaurant and Coffee Shop (Washington DC)

If you want somewhere cosy to eat some Eritrean and Ethiopian food while listening to 90’s R&B with amazing staff, stop by Keren Restaurant and Coffee Shop. It is family-run and they have an all-day breakfast menu. With arguably the best injera in town and cheap Ethiopian beer, this restaurant just might be the happiest restaurant in DC.

2) Zion West African Restaurant

Since 2002, Zion Kitchen has been favorite for local and native Africans. It is a laid-back destination, so you get the feel of class and unique, authentic tastes of traditional West African cooking. You get a full service dining room, bar with traditional and specialty drinks, cocktail lounge and a private VIP room while getting served the finest in authentic Nigerian dishes. The dining room can also be reserved for group events. You can’t help but immerse your senses in the thrill of traditional food and drinks.

3) Appioo African Bar and Grill

Are you trying to eat and have a lot of fun? This place legit could transition into a disco night at any time and without warning. Appioo is an exciting place to say the least with color changing lights and West African décor lining the walls. (Oh, and they host Afro beat nights!). Their Appioo platter and Ghanaian Komi Ke Kenan has been said to give life like Maleek Berry. Regardless of your choice, the vibe in the restaurant is sure to make you feel at home.

4) Bukom Cafe

This restaurant will definitely make you feel at home. The ambiance and the savory dishes they have to offer keep customers coming back for more. A longtime spot (since 1992) offering West African fare and live music in casual, bi-level setting, the names of their drinks and foods will remind you of home. They never disappoint.

5) ZuriBistro 

Looking for a dope suya spot in DC? This is the perfect spot. They also offer varieties of African meals. They offer food that is so fresh, tasty and hot you get hooked. It is a fusion of African and American cuisine.

6) Negril Eats: The Jamaican Eatery

Giving D.C. a taste of his native cuisine, Negril was founded 40 years ago by Jamaican-native, Earl Chinn. Negril’s menu is populated by a melange of signature Jamaican and Caribbean mainstays, from the coco bread to the jerk chicken to mouthwatering desserts like rum cake and coconut custard tart.

7) Sweet Sosumba

It is D.C.’s first Jamaican, vegan cafe. They serve up classic, soy-free, vegan cuisine with home-style Caribbean flavor. Every bite leaves you wanting more. From the curry chick’n, to the jerk ital stew, to the pineapple-ginger juice and a sea moss smoothie. Every bite will make you feel like the chef personally invited you over for dinner.

8) Swahili Village

This is a restaurant that offers Kenyan Cuisine. Their meals capture the essence of East African food, combining a well-balanced blend of herbs and seasoning that will definitely remind of home. All their foods have a unique taste and you will also enjoy the friendly ambiance in African dining at Swahili Village.

Check out these restaurants today. They’ll provide the food. You just bring the vibes.

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