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Black Hair Magic: Things You Should Do To Keep the Magic

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Black people face a lot of dilemma when it comes to hair. If it is not about the texture, it’s about how it looks or even the length. There is also the regular confusion on what product to use or not to use. Let’s not even talk about when someone from another race touches or talks about your hair. Oh and here’s another one, to make it natural (nappy and chemical free) or relaxed and permed.

Whether nappy or permed black hair is beautiful and beautiful things need proper care and love. Imagine expecting your face to remain spotless and acne free when you use dirty brushes to apply makeup. Practically impossible right? Same goes with your hair. So here are some things you should know about black hair that will help keep that it beautiful:

• Beautiful hair needs moisture and constant TLC (tender loving care). Always nurture your roots.
• Wash your hair every other week because the more you wash your hair, the less moisture it will retain. (If you can’t find a shampoo and conditioner meant for ethnic hair, try to use a moisturizing shampoo meant for dry hair)
• Invest in deep conditioners and leave in conditioners, using them preferably only every four days or so. It will help lock in moisture and make your hair shiny.
• Sulfate and silicone are the enemy of your hair. If you have just a teeny-weeny bit of love for your hair, then, never ever use products with sulfate and silicone. Silicone is great for making your hair smooth and silky but you would need sulfate to remove it properly. Sulfate however, is too harsh for your hair.
Coconut oil or products with such will do the work of silicone and can easily be washed out.
• Use products that contain natural oils, such as almond, argan, coconut, and jojoba. You can also just use natural oils straight from the bottle instead. Skip products with petrolatum, lanolin, and mineral oils. They will only dry your hair out and stop moisture from penetrating the shaft.
• Protein treatment (also known as steaming), and hot oil treatment, help the elasticity of your hair and helps reduce breakage.
• The weakest link, is the tip of your hair. Always moisturize it and trim it from time to time so it doesn’t cause your hair to start breaking
• Comb using a big tooth comb, and if you would blow dry, use a comb attachment blow dryer
• Avoid heat styling your hair. Hot combs, blow drying too close to the hair, flat irons are examples of heat styling.
• Avoid tight styling, like tight braids, cornrows or tight pony tails. Rather, make them soft but firm.
• Sew in the hair. When using weaves and extensions, sew them into the hair, rather glue them in.
• If your hair is relaxed, avoid using relaxers more than once in a 2-3 month period.


Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, let it breathe from time to time. You don’t always have to wear protective styles, just a few loose cornrows adequately moisturized and oiled, will leave your hair and scalp thanking you.

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