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A Box of Snacks and Nostalgia – The Naija Snackbox Story

naija snack box

If you’re a first generation Nigerian, you probably have one or two snack memories that take you back to your childhood, or adulthood, depending on how much of a snacker you are or were. Chinedu & Symantha Onyechi missed their favorite, uniquely-Nigerian snacks and when they couldn’t find them anywhere in the U.S, they started Naija Snack Box. Every snack is locally sourced and guaranteed fresh. Read below:

How and why did you start Naija Snack Box?

Naija Snack Box was created out of necessity and our love for our home, Nigeria. We thought it would be the perfect way to introduce our favorite snacks to the US. We wanted to also provide Nigerians a taste of home miles away from home and also  EASY access to the snacks they miss. Putting together our snack boxes was a pretty organic process. We used our childhood nostalgia, combined with the many  recommendations from our family, and came up with our plan. We then traveled to Nigeria, visited local markets in Lagos and then hand selected every snack brand we wanted to see in the box, and took it from there!

Challenges and more……

Our biggest challenge right now is sourcing and actually getting the snacks to the US. Each snack must be inspected and manufacturers must follow strict guidelines. However, its worth it to be able to bring so much happiness to so many Nigerians. Our snacks are unique and provide a variety of items rarely seen in other subscription boxes or snack boxes. We wanted to include snacks Americans would be curious enough to try but not scare them away LOL. We include drinks, and we are releasing a box that can fill your kitchen with all your favorite Nigerian snacks, nuts, and drinks. We are really excited to see how our customers react to that.

Do the Work…..

Like any other business, this is a work heavy business with lots of packing, shipping, and logistic management involved. Our advice for any one who would want to get into this kind of business, do it now. Start now and be ready to do the work. Do. The. Work.


Kamoky was created to connect people with local Afro businesses and prosper the communities they identify with home and abroad. Buy now and Connect with Naija Snack Box on Instagram or at www.naijasnackbox.com

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